Hydraulic Cups

Moulded Cups are a form of automatic packing which are popular as a piston seal for both single and double acting cylinders. They are capable of withstanding relatively high pressures and shock loads. Housings are usually quite simple, which makes them economical to install.

Standard fabric rubber cups are available in 500, 700 and 800 series styles. These cups are manufactured to operate at the relatively high pressures of hydraulic cylinders and can be too stiff to use in the lower pressure pneumatic application. To overcome this problem, Tulip can also manufacture rubber only cups, or Cups with less fabric, which are more flexible.

Cup Seals Diagram.png
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Windmill Pump Cups

Tulip also manufactures a vast range of cup seals (buckets) for Windmill pumps in both leather and fabric reinforced neoprene.