Quality Accreditation

Tulip Corporation Pty Ltd has implemented a management system complying with the requirements of JAS-ANZ ISO 9001 for the control of quality assurance in the manufacture and supply of hydraulic, pneumatic and thermal seals, special application gaskets and braided packing.

Tulip has been certified since October 2003.

Management Commitment

Tulip management is committed to the development of the quality management system by:

  • Communicating to all staff the importance of meeting customer, regulatory and legal requirements.
  • Establishing the quality policy and quality objectives as part of the business planning and management review process.
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General Requirement and Scope Of QA System

The system used by Tulip ensures that:

  • Processes needed to meet customer requirements are applied throughout the organisation.
  • The criteria and methods needed to ensure both the operation and control of processes are effective.
  • Resources are available to monitor the processes and satisfy the needs of customers.
  • Processes are monitored, measured and analysed.
  • Actions necessary to achieve the planned results and a continual improvement strategy is in place.

Customer Focus

One of the basic building blocks of Tulip's long term business success has been maintaining strong customer relationships through positive and timely response to customer needs.

It is customers that build business and in order to continually strengthen its business Tulip has an ongoing programme to improve its products, its staff and its systems for the benefit of its customers.

Surveys, client customer contact and other techniques will be used from time to time in order to monitor levels of customer satisfaction. Customer feedback is an integral part of the organisation's continuous improvement strategy.